Jan 8, 2022

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Lesson 1: The meaning of the Buddhist flag. (Ý nghĩa của lá cờ Phật giáo)

Chanhtuduy.com: Assistant Prof. Vikas Singh – Tantra Dharmabodhisitta is an  Assistant Professor and Head in Department of Sanskrit, ; and M.A. (2010) in Sanskrit Language, M.Phil (2012) in Theravada Buddhism and PhD (2017) in Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy from India. He has written some lessons about the path of enlightenment. He mentions Pure Mind Yoga in lesson 3. Here is the lesson 1   Tantra Dharmabodhisitta Respected H. H. Guru, First of all I want to bow my head in front of your knowledge and wisdom. Kindly, accept my best wishes to the international Buddhist Flag Day (8th January). The horizontal stripes of this flag are the symbol of the global people living in harmony; the vertical stripes represent eternal world peace, the colours symbolise the perfection of Buddhahood and the Dharma and the combination colour symbolises the universality of the truth of the Buddha’s teaching. There are five colours in

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