Mar 15, 2021

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Reverend GuruJi,

I bow before your Lotus feet.

The uncertainty of life is a time tasted truth, which occurs with each and every sentient beings living on this planate earth or in other Lokas. Every day, for last one month, I am thinking to start writing the comment, but it could not be actualized because of sudden change of my programmes and unpredictable incoming events in my life, whether it is connected with me, friends, family or circumstances. The Buddha and our holy Guru has rightly said that the world is in the state of flux. There is no permanence in the life, nor does it move in a predestined way on a set track. After retirement I thought to receive all the retirement benefits within a few days, but I am running pillar to post to get my Service Book completed even after more than two months. The Principle comes once in a weak and clerks are ignoring my problem being ignorant of the fact that they too have to face the same. The apathetic attitude of the college employees and the authority is draining my financial position as it is depleting in every coming days with recurring expenses. The practical teachings and preaching imparted by my Guru has made me patient in facing or encountering even untoward incidents in the life, circumstances and situation. But often it perplexes me very badly and I have to control my emotions as its outburst may go contrary to my interest. But all these statements are oozing in the mind as it never thinks of impending death, though every second the decay of the body is going on slowly and stealthily. This is the reason our holy Guru reminds us of essentiality of the death which will come and embarrass every mortal, sooner or later. It totally depends on the art and acumen of the person to view and tackle the situation as per one’s intelligence, mundane or spiritual, but the all-pervading suffering does not allow anyone to be in peace as one has to face the consequences of one’s karma. It is another thing that through one’s endeavors one can evade it and elevate the crisis for a longer period. The Buddha has rightly observed that “neither in the sky, nor in the midst of an ocean nor inside the caves of the mountain, no such place is found, where abiding one can escape the death and the fruition of the evil deeds.”( Dhammapada, Verse, 128-129).

Only ONE way to get eternal life is to practice Dharma, praying to be reborn in the Pure Land of Amida Buddha

Apparently this article appears to start with a pessimistic note but in reality it ends in optimism as Guru explores the ways and means for the possibility of Eternal Life. His profound message is that life is the droplets of tear on the divine palm but these can be wiped out too. This note of the article is the harbinger of hope and endeavor to work in the right direction suggested by the Guru for peace, harmony and eternal life. Guru has opined that “Human.. are qualified to realize the aspiration/ prayer via the path of cultivation. He also cites the Buddhist legend where in two monks have realized this goal by getting reborn as Gandhabba. Through the power of prayer one is reborn in Chatumaharajika (the heaven of four Kings) and some in Trayastimsas realm. This indicates the continuity of the monk or devotee’s life by personal endeavor through following the Buddhist way of life. In modern times our holy Guru has invented the novel ways and means through his rigorous but continuous research and developed the Pure Mind Buddhism, following which one can attain this elevated position of eternal life through the proper practice of the Mani Mantra.

This article is divided into two parts in addition to the introduction. In the first part our holy Guru has depicted a vivid description of signs, symptoms and the process of impending death and in a minute detail. Since our holy Guru has explained these in minute detail, I do not feel to narrate them again. It may lead to repetition and drudgery. But interesting and informative information we receive from our Guru’s article is that everyone sees a different images of the Buddha as per the merit, mentality and thoughts emerging that time. Accordingly the yogi attains different states after living the earthly body. Those who the peaceful deities, merge into the Sambhogakaya field, deceased one are reborn in six realms of the Samsara but their final place is Nirmankaya of the Buddha, and so on.

The hunter recognized that the parrots are crammer, the do not understand the meaning..

And in the second part he has narrated the ways and means to attain liberation or rebirth in the higher realm. I feel to write a few words on it. Since nothing is born or died because of empty nature of the universe, the proper way is to pray for higher birth or liberation. For that the holy pursuit to purify the mind from the defilement is a prerequisite. In this connection one thing needs to remember that mind has a great role in ones bondage and liberation as well as pain and pleasure in mundane life. Hence there is a need of a mental training that may lead to to a positive thinking. Buddha has also said to develop opposite thought when some evil or negative thought emerges in the mind. This is the reason Guru asks to pray to Avalokiteshvara or the Guru, and focus the mind on his kind compassion whenever negative thoughts like killing beating etc. emerges in the mind. Reciting of the Mani Mantra with full attention is also very helpful in coming out of the negative state of mind. In the same way all the foul thoughts has to be purged and replaced with pious and positive one. In this connection one thing has to be born in the mind the theoretic consciousness only cannot help us surmounting the problems. Death, decay, suffering and rebirth will continue to torment if we do not have the practical wisdom.

The voracious reader of scriptures, Buddha’s teachings and preaching as well as learning the theories will not help in moving on the path of eternal life or liberation. Crammers cannot understand the thoughts inherent in the lines of the scriptures or the lecture of the holy Guru. They are just like the folk song or stories, which we listen, but these do not percolate in the mind. In this connection I recall the story of parrots that were sitting on the branch of a tree in the jungle and repeating regularly some lines taught by his Guru. The line is “ the hunter will come, spread his net, throw grains on that, but do not be entrapped by eating it. Many hunter came and went and did not spread the net to catch them. The repeated chanting of the lines scared them. One day an intelligent hunter came. He understood that the parrots are crammer, the do not understand the meaning. He spread the net, poured some grains on it. Surprisingly, all the parrots jumped to eat the grains and entrapped in that. The hunter was happy to have to catch a good number of parrots caught in a day. That’s why our holy Guru repeatedly reminds us not to read the scriptures and listen to the Guru’s teachings only. It may increase our theoretic consciousness but not the practical wisdom, as it will not help us moving forward on the path of emancipation or the life of eternity. For that we have to contemplate on the words, lines, and teachings of our Guru, his shared articles and Buddhist literatures to understand them. Then and then only the practical wisdom will emerge and summum bonum of life will be achieved. This is the reason our holy Guru has asked us, “ Dharma should not be understood simply as he reads scriptures or he learn theories, but he need a real transformation from a Tantric Master .from mind to mind, from heart to heart, to come out with the best result.

Om mani padme hum

May all the sentient beings attain the Buddha Nature.

May the deadly pandemic evaporate from the planate earth.

Long live our Guru.

I bow before his lotus feet

Tantra Sutradaka (Avinash Kumar Srivastava)


(Tiến sĩ Vinkas Singh pháp danh Tantra Dharma Bodhisita cảm tạ Thầy Thinley Nguyên Thành truyền pháp)

Lời cảm tạ bằng tiếng Anh:

Namo Buddhya Guru!
I am doctor Vikas Singh (Dharma Bodhisita)
From India
And I bow my head under your supreme knowledge and traditions.
Today I received your video about the Lotus Walking Dharani
And I have seen it and I will definitely practice according to your guidance
And after it I will show you my video on my practicing journey
And I am very thankful and first time I have listen your voice Guru.
So thank you, thank you very much Guru
Thank you


Lời cảm tạ dịch sang tiếng Việt:

Kính bạch Thầy tôn quý,
Con là tiến sĩ Vikas Singh – pháp danh Dharma Bodhisita, đến từ Ấn Độ.
Con cúi đầu trước trí tuệ uyên thâm và những tâm pháp của Thầy.
Hôm nay con nhận được video Thầy dạy con thực hành liên hoa bách bộ thần chú đà la ni. Con đã xem xong video đó và con chắc chắn sẽ thực hành theo hướng dẫn của Thầy. Và sau khi thực hành xong con sẽ gửi Thầy video về việc thực hành của con.
Con thật ơn phước khi lần đầu được nghe giọng của Thầy.
Con chân thành cảm tạ ơn Thầy.


  1. Tantraupatissa says:

    Dear Tantra Sutradaka thank you for sharing your feelings after getting retired from services.

    I understand the difficulties you are facing after getting retired and not getting peace of mind to write comments.
    As mentioned by you I totally agree some times we are in a situation where we can’t do anything due to results of earlier negative Karma.

    But sincere thanks to Guru for teaching us practically the pure mind yoga and powerful mani mantra through which we can be in our control with stable mind having lots of patience. We also collect merits by looking into Buddha’s images present in articles. As mentioned by Buddha we too try to stay positive in mind thinking.

    May your suffering be pacified.

    May Guru live long to uphold Dharma.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum .

    • Hafiz says:

      Thank u holly Guru. I have retired about six year ago .I have positive side in my live .yes our bodies weak day by day and minute. I do not care to breathe. It come suddenly. I live in happiness with out sufferings
      The story of payrots it is guided me to used my mind and mental power 💪 how walking 🚶 in correct steps.. So must leat my children ..depend on there Self’s how to learn who educated there self and not go on path of there parents
      Thank you for Holly Guru .ihope have longe eat.
      Also my thanks to my teacher VIOLET for her efforts to learn me Buddisim teaching. In spite of IRABIC country IRAQ 🇮🇶 .I have difficulties in the some idioms of siskrety language
      Thank you again

  2. Vivek S says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. This materialistic world is full of sufferings. One need to be mentally so strong to face those challenges. By practicing Dharma in the appropriate way one would understand the about the illusions caused in this materialistic world and think about life in an entirely different perspective.
    Let the Guru live long and all the sentinel beings have the peacefulness and calmness attained by Buddha.

  3. Hafiz says:

    Excellent article I useful so much about Darma
    I hope 🙏 reading more and more
    I live with great Buddha and his teaching night 🌃 and day
    Thanks for Holly Guru
    Thank you for my teacher

  4. Vika says:

    Thank u

  5. Dr C H Lakshminarayan says:

    I bow down at the feet of Guruji.
    Dear Tantra Sutradaka,
    You have beautifully narrated the story of two parrots and told Guru says not to read scriptures but to listen to Guru.I think this is exaggerated In an endeavourto submit your humble respect to Guruji which is no doubt mandatory on the part of a true and ardent diciple.
    But with humble and due respect to Guruji,I would like to say for clapping two hands are must and clapping is also not possible with one hand only. Likewise,to learn and practice dharma, both reading scriptures and listening to Guruji is essential !
    Om Mani Padme hum.
    Tantra Nirvadeva

  6. Tantra Amashuta says:

    Dear Holy Guru,
    Thank you for sharing our fellow learners article. I agree with all they said and the time and practice that is discussed is more and more obvious to me. I am also getting older and as I look at my children who are adults now and how they act and think, I see what time and practice does in life. No matter how many times you tell someone young to learn from my mistakes it doesn’t work. they have to make their own mistakes and make their own way in the world. This is true to me for learning the Buddhist way. I have been reading articles for a few years now and have reread articles that I didn’t even remember reading and commenting on before. When I see my name as I scroll to write my comment I scroll past, write my new comment then go back to see what my original comment was. It’s amazing how different even a few years of lessons can make. And in the most recent year I’ve put into use more and more practices and lessons not because I didn’t want to before but because I didn’t understand the meaning or value of the lessons as I do now. Please keep reading, please keep commenting and always believe our guru. he is the way to move up in the worlds after this life. he is our guide, our seeing eye dog, our teacher and caregiver. He wants what’s best for us and is giving us the best way to get it. Thank you holy Guru. I appreciate you and all you do for all of us. And ALL of my brother and sister learners no matter what stage you are in, I appreciate all of you as well. May love be shared from me to all of you. Om Mani Pandme Hum.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad and proud to read your comment and see how you have experienced the positive changes, as well as how much you have learned throughout the years. I understand what you have shared about the meaning or value of learned lessons each time. That is because your merits have been accumulated, which helps you to understand more and in a more profound way. Keep up the good work!

  7. Sonam Tshering says:


  8. Cao Diệu Khải Nguyên says:

    Dear holy Guru,
    I have read this article written by Tantra Sutradaka,
    I really enjoy the vivid images that Tantra Sutradaka has transferred through his words, especially the story about the parrots. It is deeply humorous, which makes me recall a lesson that Guru always warns us “Do not chant like a parrot”. Indeed, if we learn the Dharma like parrots, only by words but without true understanding; we might fool those who are in the same Samsara with us. But when the emissary of impermanence comes for us, we won’t be able to escape, because we actually didn’t possess a bit of liberation essence.
    Thank you, Guru, for this great lesson,
    Thanks Tantra Sutradaka for writing this article,
    I pray for the health and longevity of holy Guru for the sake of all sentient beings,
    May all sentient beings be released from suffering,
    Om Mani Padme Hum

  9. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:

    Tantra Sutradaka,

    I rejoice in reading your thoughts on this matter as I do all other articles you have written. May you have a blessed and peaceful day.

    May Guru live a long and healthy life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    May the global pandemic caused by the corona virus soon end

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  10. Tantra_Tanshami says:

    Om Mani Padme Hum. Thank you for this great article. May your work benefit countless beings.

  11. Hafiz says:

    Sorry I have many mistakes in comment above
    Thank you for all

  12. paul yawney says:

    Dear Holy Guru, Ihave read this article. Mt thought is all of us are walking our own paths, but at one time or another we meet up with another path in which we are to learn a lesson or teach a lesson yin and yang of life . For my part your teachings have taught me to be more aware, to think more carefully and be sure of how I react. I am thankful for your guidance and support.
    May Holy Guru live a long Happy Life. OM MANI PADME HUM.
    Tantra Himataru

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