Sep 19, 2021

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Preface: Mat Hanh, who is Guru’s sibling (younger sister), has vowed to enter a retreat (shut off herself at the Lotus House to strengthen concentration and purify karma). It is phenomenal that after 64 days, all the diseases have already been cured! Even those symptoms of persistent cough and varicose veins no longer exist. Mat Hanh could easily recognize the outcomes of her practices, therefore, she vowed to maintain for the next two months! I am happy for her, and will accordingly provide assistance during her retreat. This article describes the story, explains the reasons, and illustrates the outcomes which were written by Mat Hanh. I would like to introduce to all of you..



It is now 13:30. The weather is nice, and we can see the sunlight. Finally, those days when the Southern area had to suffer from the tropical depression were over. It was continuous torrential rain with thunders and lightning tearing through the sky almost every evening, which made us a human feel so scared, not to mention those little cats in Song Nguyen Tantra House.

Cats at Song Nguyen Tantra House

There is a saying that said: “April showers bring May flowers”. For me, this is the time for the flowers to bloom. Sitting alone in the Tantra House’s living room, watching the flocks of pretty yellow butterflies fluttering on the surface of the Buddha’s Footprint lake, I recalled a memory when someone had told me butterfly is a symbol of auspiciousness. That thought just flashed in my mind, then immediately disappeared. I understand that as a Pure Mind practitioner, who was approved to practice Pure Mind Dharma by Guru – the genuine Buddhist teacher whose spiritual inventions are based on the Buddha’s teachings, I should understand those kinds of conclusions are out of the right Dharma track. It is actually an illustration of superstition practice.

Dear Guru!

As a Buddhist practitioner who follows the Buddha’s teachings, but violates those precious teachings is nothing more or less than to slander the Buddha. It is even more serious when one cultivates the Buddha’s teachings but his mind is centered on something out of the Dharma orbit, or wrong views, which will accordingly result in catastrophic consequences. Even someone spent 15 years being proud of himself as a Buddhist, if his practice is involved with the wrong views, he will eventually fall into the lower realms. That’s right! In this samsara world, even when there are so many Buddhists who keep visiting the pagoda on a daily basis, bowing under the Buddha’s statue, making offerings, chanting sutras to repent their, praying for peace and dead people consistently, the scenario of being bound within the ocean of life and death is inescapable for them. Even they were taught by many monks that Buddhism is a path to enlightenment or the path to awareness realization, this path is way too far away from their reach.

The sunlight has been spreading to every corner in the Tantra House, blending into the green of the leaves. The scene somehow resembles my life, which has been changing from a sky with dark clouds or the end of the tunnel with no way out, to a bright and lively blue sky. My life has turned into an absolutely new chapter at the age of 60 with so much joy, inner happiness, and leisure. It feels like a dream, but strangely, it is 100% true. The first thing that surprises me the most is that I have totally shed the coat of ignorance and wrong view behind the place I used to live throughout my life – Bien Hoa. The most amazing thing that happened to me is that all my chronic diseases have been cured completely after I was fortunate to have the precious opportunity to meet Guru, to be accepted to practice Pure Mind Dharma by Guru. Looking back, I deeply feel the miracles that Buddhist teachings through Guru’s articles and the methods Guru has invented delivered to me. I am grateful for having got a strong refuge to lean on, which are Guru, the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

“It is the fate of human beings to be under sufferings. Relying on the right Dharma is the only way to cross the river of life and death”


Until today, there are still many people who have been seduced by those fake monks who are mostly referred to as Buddhist practitioners just because of their outside appearance. There are still so many Buddhists who keep bowing and paying homage to inanimate statues, and believing in superstitious practices such as fortune-telling in the temple, or begging for relieving their bad luck. After all, what they would receive is just a “Zero”. I myself was the victim of these traps 12 years ago.

Years ago, I actually placed my strong faith in Guru’s teachings and practice methods, and I took part in the Dharma festival which brought boundless benefits and helped us to purify heavy karma in my own experience. However, the crossroad of life where I encountered the challenges of motherhood and livelihood had led me to disrupt the progress. Under those circumstances, I had to suffer a lot from those who are my relatives, those who bear wrong views in their minds, and from ignorant practices. I had no choice but was drifted into assisting the circle of all kinds of celebrations and events of the family.

It had been 10 years that I lived like a moth blindly flying into the Eight winds’ fire. My life was as a boat floating in the middle of the ocean, and that boat had no idea where it would see the land. I lived like a soulless person, silently suffering and pretending to be blind and deaf to ignore all the agonies and pain. Every morning, I have still never forgotten to practice taking refuge in the Three Jewels. Every night, I confided through prayers to Guru and the Buddha everything that happened during the day. It had gradually become a habit to me, especially when I had no one to pour my soul, someone who is willing to listen to me, understand my pain and all inhibitions from mental to the physical state.

I thought that my life would end sadly like the last falling leave. However, it turned out that all the thoughts and wishes that I confided in front of Avalokiteshvara all those years has become true. I finally had the chance to meet Guru again, and therefore continue the spiritual connection with Avalokiteshvara through Guru’s channel since the beginning of 2019. At that time, I was like a blind human being whose body was mostly devastated by chronic disease at old age.

Through so many years, I had been washed away by the Eight Winds and my health was totally exhausted. What remained with me was a bunch of diseases: chronic cough for more than 20 years, back pain, numbness in hands, toothache; especially my left leg was extremely suffered from venous valves failure which was the result of standing and sitting for years. The blood from there cannot flow to the heart, and is stuck in the ankle which causes the leg to be swollen. The pain was absolutely not easy to describe, it is the pain to the bone.


Thanks to the blessings from Avalokiteshvara through Guru’s channel, plus my diligent effort to practice Pure Mind Dharma after being approved by Guru, after a short time, all chronic diseases which were thought to be incurable were gone. It is absolutely incredible, especially I knew there are thousands of people who had to eat medicine throughout their lives with the same diseases. For me, my only medicine is Pure Mind Dharma. It helps me to turn any unfavorable situation in my life into unthinkable benefits. Even a tiny symptom of chronic cough has gone, let alone those painful experiences from venous valves failure.

The Buddha once taught us that: “Non-disease is the best benefit”. It is also said that “When a horse is sick, the whole stable refuses grass”. Likewise, if there is one person who suffers from illness in the family, other people will also suffer to some extent. Whether in the samsara world or in Buddhist teaching, having faith contributes to half of the people’s success.

I am grateful that I was allowed to come to the Tantra House by Guru so that I could regularly go for treatment at a reliable place which was introduced by Manh. After one month, I had been under treatment four times. Then because of the Covid pandemic, all the services are closed under strict lockdown. When I was in Bien Hoa, I also took medicine for a month, I visited a doctor regularly, I went to Hoan My International Hospital, but I have never seen any positive effects. Sometimes my leg was less swollen than it used to be a little bit, but the pain was always the same. I was suggested by the doctor that if the condition was not improved, there was a possibility that I might need surgery. In the worst case, I might lose my leg as it might need to be cut. I was of course frightened for the later part of my life.

It was one month after official social distancing, I suffered from being tied at home and now allowed to go out. There was no medicine, no doctor. It was absolutely desperate! It was the first time that I had that terrible experience, in which I felt pain every second during the day. Walking, sitting, or standing posture, all the moves that I made put me under extreme pain. It was even more painful when I laid down on my bed at night. There was many nights I had no choice but stayed awake. Suffering from the pain that had no sign of ending, I wondered how long I would have to endure it while the Covid pandemic was at its peak. At that time, I visualized Avalokiteshvara and Guru. I recalled all the experiences I had had before. My disease used to be cured without any medicine when I practiced Pure Mind Dharma years ago. So, I decided to ask Guru for allowing me to receive a retreat at the Lotus House, where I can easily focus on contemplating and practicing Pure Mind Dharma.

Once again, the rain of blessing from Avalokiteshvara through Guru’s channel poured over me. It is more than words, such a rare and spectacular experience I have had in my life. Each day, I touched my leg slightly to see if it still hurts and whether the pain decreases. My Dharma brother, Mat Vien – who brings food to me every day, always asked me “Mat Hanh, do you feel better today?”, and she instructed me to do some exercises that help to treat varicose veins in my leg. I did it anytime I was free, for around half a month. After that, I stopped doing physical treatment and focused on practicing Dharma as I thought it is always better to focus on developing pure faith in Avalokiteshvara and Guru as I have always been doing it until now.

As a result, I have been awarded the rain of blessings which was beyond my expectation from Avalokiteshvara through Guru’s channel after diligent practice at the Lotus House. Something that I could not even believe even in the most beautiful dream. I wanted to scream out loud to everyone that: “I have no longer suffered from venous valves failure anymore, without any medical intervention. I just need to focus on practice Guru Devotion and the faith in Guru, the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha”.

Keep your strong faith in Guru and the Three Jewels without any doubt. When we are aroused in the act of body, speech, and mind that are out of the right Dharma track, if we do not reflect on ourselves with the help of Buddhist teachings then the consequences will be unpredictably bad. Keep in mind that there is only one stable solution for all of our sufferings whether they are diseases, sadness, disappointment, difficulties to be solved. That is our spiritual connection with Avalokiteshvara through Guru devotion. Only with this solution, we can attain happiness in this life and eternal happiness in our upcoming lives.


Dear Guru,

People always wish for the word “If” and “What if” in their lives. I wondered to myself if in the past Guru stayed working as a Russian teacher, how our spiritual destinies would become? What would happen to all my Dharma brothers’ current achievements with high society positions such as Doctor, Master, researcher? Instead, we could have suffered a lot like other ordinary people in the ocean of life and death in this samsara. And so am I. If I was not destined to meet Guru, I believe that my life would become a “dark abyss of the three evil sufferings”, let alone the wish to cure my diseases and to attain inner happiness at old age. While many other people have been struggling with their livelihood, with all the burdens from family and relatives, I could freely travel, I have been well-equipped with a fearless spirit by Guru. Guru has not only taught me Dharma but also taught me driving skills on those zigzag routes, where there was even no lane demarcation.

Guru has not only taught me Dharma but also taught me driving skills on those zigzag routes, where there was even no lane demarcation.

During my stay in the Tantra House, thanks to the blessings of Avalokiteshvara through the channel of Guru, I was not only healed but also narrowly escaped death risk when there were 4 positive Covid cases right next to my house in Bien Hoa. I was also not there in the room where I often slept anytime I was at the Tantra House when the roof burned at night. Thanks to diligent practice, all the dangers are just a means of purification on my path to enlightenment. After karma is purified, happiness comes. After the rain, the clear sky returns with a beautiful rainbow. At my age, I finally see the warm spring where I feel being protected, a beautiful and bright summer where I was shined by the sunlight, which gives me the energy and the light of right Dharma.

Besides Avalokiteshvara’s blessings and Guru’s attention, I have been assisted by my Dharma brother Mat Vien who has been persistently working on different areas of the Tantra House. She has been always taking care of me. It is a pride for Guru to have such a dedicated disciple like Dharma brother Mat Vien. I pray for Guru’s health and longevity for the benefit of all sentient beings.

May all sentient beings and other Dharma brothers attain the Buddha’s nature happiness.

May the Covid19 pandemic end soon.

Om mani padme hum.

Disciple Mat Hanh

Translated by Cao Dieu Mat Tu.


Vietnamese version:




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  1. Tantra Tanshami (United States) says:

    Thank you Mat Hanh for your excellent testimony of the healing power of the Triple Jewels and what it is to take refuge, as of the benefits and that it is a sure path. Thank you Guru for your continued compassion that is unceasing.

    Om Mani Padme Hum
    May all suffering for sentient beings end swiftly
    May All Sentient beings be happy and peaceful, and free from suffering worry and anger always
    May all sentient beings always have what they need for happiness and be truly enlightened, liberated and free!

    Om Svasti
    Tashi Mangalam

  2. Cao Diệu Nhất Nguyên says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    I’m delighted to read the sharings of dharma brother Mat Hanh. I can understand why she wanted to scream out loud that she had overcome her sickness. Because her hardships have passed and because she wants everyone who is suffering right now to know about the Buddha’s path, especially Pure Mind Yoga. I’m delighted to know that her burdens of the last ten years have been alleviated. I remember this quote in one of your lessons: “Faith is a rope dangling at the edge of a cliff, pulling you away from the lower realms.” Dharma brother Mat Hanh’s sharing reflects a similar experience.

    Because of the rope of faith, she was dragged back to this life of happiness after years of suffering. Because of the rope of faith, she trusted the Guru and started the retreat to combat the pain when medicines were unavailable. As a result, she was healed. I recalled the sharing of dharma brother Tantra Upatissa, who had lost sleep for 20 years. He also found his medicine in his faith in the Guru and the Three Jewels.

    Those sharings help me solidify my faith in the Guru and the Three Jewels. Here, I found the true refuge and the wish-fulfilling gem that can bring incredible benefits for the mind and the body. I have asked myself the same question, what would I be without the Dharma. I’m happy that dharma brother Mat Hanh will never have to go back to her former life. I pray that she will continue to have her rightful wishes fulfilled. I prayed that all dharma brothers would achieve happiness in this life and ultimate bliss on the next. I pray for the health and longevity of the Guru for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

    May the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be over.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  3. George Johnson says:

    Dear Mat Hang, It is wonderful that your health is better. It appears that Venerable Thay has taught you very good things. Ohm Mani Padme Hum

  4. Admin
    Cao Diệu Diệu Hằng says:

    Dear holy Guru,
    I am happy to read the sharing by Mat Hanh. Her faith in Guru and Buddha with the diligence in practicing Pure Mind Dharma helps her to get free from suffering of disease. I highly appreciate your noble efforts to help learners, disciples and all beings end suffering and its causes. Thanks to your compassion and wisdom proved through the invention of six marvelous spiritual methods, we, all walks of life, have a good chance to walk on the path of enlightenment easily and effectively.
    From Mat Hanh’s sharing, I have clearly understood that only qualified learners deserve the good fruit of happiness. In addition, I am also aware of that truth that only Guru and Dharma can help us cure all diseases in Samsara, from physical illness and mental disorders; in order that we can step forwards to the city of liberation. All the success in secular life and spiritual life of Dharma brothers in Tantra House have a vivid example for the amazing benefits of Guru’s devotion and the faith in Guru and Buddha, as the teaching of Dilgo Khyentse it goes “Enlightenment, inherent though it is in the mind, seems so difficult to unveil. But if you develop fervent devotion and fuse the Guru’s enlightened nature with your ordinary mind, enlightenment can be realized. Truly, to meditate on the benevolent Guru is a spiritual practice more profound than any other.” excerpt from “The Hundred Verses of Advice” by Dilgo Khyentse
    Thank Guru so much for your guidance and benevolence.
    May you have good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.
    Thank Mat Hanh for her wonderful sharing. May all her righteous wishes come true due to the foundation of enlightenment.
    May all sentient beings attain the happiness of the Buddha’s nature.
    May Covid 19 pandemic be over soon.
    Om mani padme hum.

  5. Mật Hoa Pháp ( 10 tuổi ) says:

    Kính Bạch Thầy.
    Con hoan hỉ với bài viết huynh Mật Hạnh.
    nói về cuộc hành trình của mình.
    Con cầu nguyện cho đại dịch Corona sớm được tiêu trừ.
    Con cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của vị thầy vì lợi ích của tất cả chúng sanh.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  6. Litsong kronjang says:

    Good article. Hope to read more good ones in the future!

  7. paul yawney says:

    Dear Holy Guru Thanks for sharing such a wonderful testimony. It Proves right view as taught By Guru and the Three Jewels can transform all. Have faith and trust In Guru.
    May co-vid end soon
    Tantra Himataru

  8. Tantra Dharma Sunyata says:

    Dear Holy Guru,
    Thank you so very much for sending down to us your disciples the letter from MAT HANH titled:A Few Sharings on my Focused Retreat at Tantra House.
    My comments are as follows:
    A. Summary of the Paper:
    1.Mat is about 60 year old and is a young sister of our Guru.She had been a Buddhist Practitioner and follower of our Guru but along the line she relapsed largely due to the burdens of motherhood and livelihood responsibilities,relapsing also into unwholesome family ceremonies and practices.
    2.During the 12 years or thereabout of relapse,she embraced wrong views gravitating in the way a moth flies blindly – into Eight mind’s fire – following Fake Guru’s to bow to inanimate statues, believing in superstitious practices such as fortune telling in Temples and begging for the relieve of bad karma/luck.
    3.At last,it dawned on her that a yellow butterfly is not a symbol of auspiciousness but rather of superstition.
    4.However, during all these 12 years,every morning and every evening she poured her heart over the Guru and the Buddha as she had nowhere else to intimate her tribulations.
    4.During this period and soon thereafter,she developed chronic illnesses,seemingi incurable cough,backache,tooth ache,leg swelling and venous valves failure.Indeed,she became a bag of chronic diseases.
    5.As if that was not enough, her I’ll health got aggravated during the Covid 19 Lockdown as she was isolated at home and could not access her medical doctors,much as they had been battling to rescue her without success.
    6.Nevertheless,she kept wishing to connect with our Guru and through him to Avolokiteshvera.
    7.It had dawned on her that with wrong views all bowing under Buddha’s statue, Chanting of mantra, offerings, repentance, praying for peace and for dead persons will lead to Zero enlightenment and would lead one to the Lower Realms.
    8.She was overjoyed when Guru admitted her for a Retreat at the Tantra House.After 64 days of the Retreat,all her ailments vanished.Thus, by practicing Pure Mind Dharma,she was fully and totally cured so much so that she relished to extend her Retreat by 2 months.
    10.Apart from the healing,she was also rescued from Costco Covid 19 when four persons living next to her reported Covid positive.What was more, while still at Tantra House,she escaped the complete burning of the roof of her house meaning that with diligent practice of Pure Mind Dharma and taking Refuge in the Three Jewels,the Guru, the Buddha,Dharma and the Sangha,and sure that all danges are no more than a means of purification.
    11.She ended up not only thanking our Guru but also thanking Mat Vieu, Guru’s Disciple,who served her food and provided other spiritual support.
    B.Lessons to be learnt:
    1.Never give up Disciple- Guru link and worship.
    2.There is absolute commitment to Right Views.
    3.It is absolutely important to take Refuge in the Three Jewels;the Guru,the Buddha,Dharma, the Sangha.
    4.It is critically important to practice Pure Mind Dharma diligently all day,all week ,all year.
    1.How can those Disciples who are in other geographical locations and who cannot come over to the Tantra House benefit from such health and prosperity favours from the Guru?
    ,2.What spiritual skills can help us remain resolute in Pure Mind Dharma practice in the secular world of rat race for livelihood,for family care and property acquisition?
    May the Guru ever continue to enjoy good health coupled with Long Life for service to all sentient beings.
    Om Mani Padme Hum

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! To answer your question, firstly, there is no geographical barrier between a disciple and a Guru as the connection is made by faith and devotion. You can recognize it obviously through other learners’ and disciples’ articles from all over the world. They shared how their mind has transformed and how their lives have changed after knowing, reading Pure Mind Dharma on That is to say, you are not an exception. However, I must emphasize that the purpose of practicing Dharma is NOT at all for health and prosperity purposes. When someone practices with faith and strong devotion in order to accumulate wisdom and merits for the benefit of all sentient beings, they will automatically be blessed by Avalokiteshvara through the delivery of Guru, like Mat Hanh. But if someone practices for their own sake such as wealth or their own benefits, they won’t be able to achieve anything but bad consequences. Secondly, by reading and commenting on, you have been approaching an exceptionally flexible means of practicing Dharma, even in times of crisis. Your question already answered it itself. I hope you will understand and appreciate the chance.
      Om mani padme hum.

      • Tantra Dharma Sunyata says:

        My dear Guru,
        My questions have been amply answered.I am most grateful.
        May all sentient beings benefit from the teachings and wisdom of the Guru.
        Om Mani Padme Hum

  9. Thanh Hương
    Thanh Hương says:

    Kính thưa Thầy,

    Trước hết con thực tâm xin lỗi Thầy vì thời gian qua chưa chăm chỉ đọc bài và để lại bình luận. Lý do vì con mới bắt đầu tìm hiểu Phật pháp và trong lòng còn hoài nghi nhiều điều về cách thức tu tập của mình liệu đã đúng đắn.
    Sau khi được bạn con giúp đỡ giải thích những khúc mắc thì giờ đây lòng con mới tập trung đọc và tiếp nhận những tư tưởng mà Thầy dày công chia sẻ. Con rất xin lỗi vì đã làm Thầy và bạn con phải bận tâm vì con.

    Con xin được bình luận về bài viết “VÀI DÒNG THẬP NHẤT TRÊN LIÊN HOA ĐÀI”

    Khi đọc bài viết này con rất xót thương với những khổ đau mà cô Mat Hanh đã phải trải qua. Cô đã phải chịu đựng bao nhiêu nỗi đau cả về thể chất lẫn tinh thần qua nhiều năm dài như vậy mà không thể chữa khỏi. Lại thêm dịch Covid đã đẩy những nỗi đau của cô tưởng như tới mức tột cùng giới hạn chịu đựng.

    Con hiểu từ bài viết của Thầy muốn gửi gắm tới mỗi học trò như sau:
    – Nỗi đau của cô thật ra có thể xảy ra với bất cứ ai, vì thế việc thực hành Tâm pháp Thanh trí là vô cùng quan trọng với mỗi người.
    – Việc thực hành Tâm pháp Thanh trí cần tiến hành nghiêm túc và liên tục, trước cả khi những đau khổ về thể chất tinh thần tìm tới chúng ta. Ngoài tác dụng chữa bệnh như cô Mat Hanh chia sẻ, con nghĩ việc thực hành này có tác dụng phòng bệnh rất hiệu quả.

    Con cám ơn Thầy rất nhiều về bài viết hay, cám ơn bạn Cao Dieu Mat Tu về bản dịch hay và dễ hiểu. Mong mọi người đều có cơ hội thực hành Tâm pháp Thanh trí.

    Con Thanh Hương, gửi từ nước Đức.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Hay! Trò hiểu rồi! Tuy nhiên đừng buộc tâm trí căng thẳng hãy xem như một thư giãn tâm linh!

      • Thanh Hương
        Thanh Hương says:

        Dạ con cám ơn Thầy đã dặn dò!

        • Nguyên Thành
          Nguyên Thành says:

          Trò có tài khoản rồi sao không đọc bằng tiếng Việt? Thực tế đã có sự hoài nghi về phương pháp luận của Thầy nhưng họ chỉ dựa trên tâm lí đắm đông và truyền thống vô minh, chớ không phải bằng luận chứng và luận cứ Phật môn. Những kẻ như vậy Thầy gọi là tà sư, tà kiến nên không cần họ đọc bài trên Vì tâm pháp Thanh Trí giá trị tâm linh cao nên cần trao pháp cho người thành tâm, trí tuệ!

          • Thanh Hương
            Thanh Hương says:

            Dạ thưa Thầy con vẫn đang đọc bài tiếng Việt ạ. Trí tuệ con ở mức trung bình nên đọc chậm, nghĩ chậm, nhiều bài phải đọc đi đọc lại nhiều lần, mỗi lần hiểu thêm một chút. Con muốn hiểu hơn rồi mới bình luận dưới bài. Con cám ơn Thầy đã chỉ dẫn con ạ!

          • Nguyên Thành
            Nguyên Thành says:

            Không! Đừng như vậy là sai phương pháp! Chỉ cần đọc xong là comment vài dòng! Sau 1 năm mới comment theo tư duy còn hiện nay trò comment vì phước lực!

          • Thanh Hương
            Thanh Hương says:

            Dạ con nhớ lời thầy dặn dò rồi ạ, con sẽ bình luận sau khi đọc xong. Con cám ơn Thầy nhiều a!

          • Nguyên Thành
            Nguyên Thành says:

            Trên nền tảng đọc nhiều và comment nhiều bài, chẳng bao lâu con sẽ vượt qua khó khăn dù bất kỳ khó khăn nào!

          • Thanh Hương
            Thanh Hương says:

            Dạ con cám ơn Thầy đã động viên con ạ!

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